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To My 17-Year-Old Self

Hello teenage me. Writing a letter to you, to me right now seems like a wonderful concept, but I know you’ll be a bit reluctant to read this and listen to what I have to say. Right now (at 17), you won’t believe it but you’re in such a great place. You have great people in your life and are very lucky with everything you have. You’re smart (which you will never believe) and have great potential but don’t take college too seriously which in hindsight wasn’t the best decision, you are also great at giving people advice but you aren’t great at taking any yourself and can be very stubborn. This ends up being a downfall for you in a few years’ time and you don’t realise that until later on. You do learn from it however and have learned to never listen to anyone else over your own heart and have become less stubborn; although some may disagree with this. 

At 17 you are a lot more anxious then you would like to admit, you don’t go out often due to worrying about what others think and lack a lot of self-confidence, despite the efforts of some trying to encourage you to discourage these thoughts. There’s not really much you can do and it will just take growing up and really realising yourself that you can be your own worst enemy. 

I’m almost 25 now, a quarter way through my life which at times is a little scary but also I still have 3/4 of the way to go so it’s not a huge deal. I wanted to write this after seeing inspiration on Instagram because it resonated with me somewhat. Things in your life get so much worse and take a huge turn, you’ll be in a situation that you’ll never quite comprehend and right now you don’t want too, but they do finally get better, you won’t believe it and it does take a looong time but just trust me. Even with Brexit still headlining and the planet deteriorating increasingly. Your personal life will get better and you start making HUGE changes and stop letting the past own you, you’re growing and changing immensely.

Just know that for now, singing High School Musical all the way to Asda and back before the premier of HSM2 and going to your school field to drink straight Bombay Sapphire is good. You’ll have so many fond memories to look back on over your teen years and even as you reach adulthood. Just try to have more fun over the years, don’t think too much about small things like whether you can go to certain events or if you came across awkward and didn’t say the right things. You are going to be making up for the lost times when you held yourself back and start dating again which is dead exciting! Just enjoy the now. Your life is shaping up to be pretty fucking cool, accomplishing more than you could even imagine all by yourself, having an amazing genuine group of friends, old and new, and even starting in your dream career path after moving to a new city within a month, well done you. You’re about to become the best version of yourself – keep going.


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