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my camera roll: 13th – 19th april

Hello Angel faces, I am back in Brighton after 2 lovely weeks in Manchester finding my feet, job interviews, possible flat rentals / finding someone to live with. If you haven’t already kind of got the jist my camera roll is full of food and wine and I ain’t even mad about it. I’ve been firing out blog posts and writing more which I am loving and I get such a great joy when I add little new widgets or features to my website. The sun is set to shine over the Easter weekend so I for one will be getting myself out to enjoy it and even maybe a cheeky trip to beach, it’s literally on my doorstep anyway so would be rude not too.

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After an amazing dinner at Sugo with Jess, Catrin and Harriet we all got out of bed and started to slowly get ready for bottomless brunch and Elnecot. The choice of 6 drinks that you could change as you drank, of course I went for Bellinis, Agua De Valencia and finished with a Bloody Mary.

After eating and drinking we all came back to get ready, continued drinking and Jess made quite a delectable spread of home-made sausage rolls, sweet potato rostis, little puff pastry tarts, you name it she did it. We ended up predrinking longer than planned, played some games and tried to get through the HUGE grapefruit cocktail. We headed to Albert Schloss for a little boogie with a band playing and all sorts. Have to say that it was the most expensive Vodka lime soda I have ever had! Nearly £9!! So I decided to make that my only drink in there before we headed to Mojos which was a bit of me, bit grimy, good music even a cheeky little snog with a guy who is now claiming he is the love of my life. What more can a girl ask for?!


Was surprisingly feeling very fresh on Sunday. We all stayed in though and watched copious amounts of TV and just took it easy. Sex & The City was in full swing, another program I haven’t watched before but I bloody love it and need to finish it now.

After all the girls left to go back to their homes, Jess and I decided to order a Deliveroo and watch films. Have to say I was very disappointed in my choice. It was bland and bit nothing but thats what you get when you order from a place you don’t know. I ended up having a fairly early night as the tiredness hit.


Monday was interviews. A LOT better than last weeks fiasco, one was mainly getting to know me and what it is I’m after. The other started well but I left feeling a little patronised, 1 out of 2 ain’t bad. It was Jess’ birthday and I met her mum, sister, auntie and cousin for dinner at the Ivy Asia, fanciest floor I ever did see. Fanciest toilet & fancy rooftop bar. Was hard not to keep looking around at all the details going on. After many wines and a full stomach we headed back and began watching Fleabag for the first time (late to it I know, I know) and headed to bed.


Tuesday was the day we decided to head out of Manchester and to Clitheroe, which is about an hour and a half away. Beautiful little Village with a swanky beer house and bistro restaurant. Burger was a must and the beer house did a Froz’n beer which I had to have since Frozen is my fav Disney film. Once Jess and I were back in Manchester we had a quick turn around and headed to Mackie Mayor for what was suppose to be Taco Tuesday as Picos Tacos had just opened, but since Jess works there and it had been her birthday a few of the stalls kindly gifted us some food which was delicious and we were too stuffed for tacos. Also, need to take a minute and ask if anyone knew white Malbec was a thing?! Yes. White. Malbec. Was divine! Ended the night at another pub down the road with some fab company.


Wednesday was my penultimate day in Manchester, I met Nina again to shoot some last outfits and get that Manchester content. Was lovely to see her but I have to say I turned into a right Mardy arse (sorry Nina!) after the amount of catcalling and people being funny around us. Serves us right I suppose for shooting in the centre when the sun was out and the Man City game was on later.

I then just headed back to Jess’ for our last evening together and we just chilled, carried on watching Fleabag with some Easter chocolate.


This was a bit of a nothing day as I spent the majority of it travelling back to BTOWN. Jess and I had a last lunch and Viet shack and I then headed straight the station with all my bags, the sweat was real! But it wasn’t too bad once I was on the train, love a train journey me, doing absolutely nothing but listening to podcasts or reading. I did end up on the floor once I got the Gatwick express which was delightful but only until everyone trailed off and onto their jet setting adventures.

My dearest mother kindly got me from the station and helped me with all my bags before dropping me off to where I am currently living. I just unpacked, sorted my life a little and chilled.


Alright you lot! I’m back in Brighton now and was up and out early. I headed down to my parents (static) home to have puppy cuddles with El Hugo, I cannot explain how much I missed him! I had errands to run too, so I took my little sister into town with me. The weather was GAWJUS, she tried her first Pompokos, which if you are ever in Brighton you need to go.

In the evening, my family and I headed to my grandparents for a little early Easter dinner which was lovely. That was pretty much my week in Manchester, consisted of SO much food and wine I feel a little disgusted but also it was bloody good!


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