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is the shopping relationship changing?

I am currently in Manchester, in my friend Jess’ flat with sore AF nails from doing the dirty biting / picking due to nerves. If you didn’t already know I am up looking for work and trying to piece my next life chapter together and move here. If you want to hear my whole story on why I’ve decided to move from my hometown and my plans then let me know and I can write a post about it.

However, I wanted to take my mind off, of my situation and write about the second thing that is also never far from my mind. Shopping. I want to write this post and share what that means to me and also the journey I have had with it and how the online influencer community has changed my relationship with it.

I have always LOVED shopping and been known at a young age to be called a shopaholic, I am also a huge believer of retail therapy. Tripped over? Shop. Bad make up / hair day? Shop. Moving city? Shop. Crappy day at work? Shop. You get the jist, anything slightly inconvenient or huge I can justify with a good ole’ shopping trip. I grew up with it really being the only thing as a teen we could do at weekends, I don’t know how but I used to save up my £5 weekly pocket money all month and manage to buy something I’d been lusting after, I remember when I first bought Topshop items (Those ribbed vests, 2 for £10, one in white and a royal blue) and all for the Kate Moss collab paper bag that came with it.

Like most, when I first started blogging I shopped more than ever. I wanted to be on trend, always have new content, feel inspired by what I was creating and not be posting the same old things time and time again because it seemed no one did that and it wouldn’t be right too. This meant I was forever searching ASOS and Topshop new in sections, wasting time I could have used to look through what I already owned and restyle them, give them a new lease of life. I have however started to cull this habit and really think about creating a wardrobe with ‘forever’ pieces and this has changed and shaped the way I now try to shop. I now focus more on the quality of items I am choosing and trying to shop a lot less. Don’t get me wrong though, I still love it; I’ve been to the Arndale centre every day since I’ve been here (could also be to do with the fact I don’t really know what else to do) but I haven’t picked up items each time.

Right now though, sustainable shopping and items have been a huge topic and something I’ve really tried to start being more mindful of. This has once again influenced my shopping habits and how I feel towards it. For one, the large environmental impact that the haul culture on YouTube has had and how maybe we won’t understand or even see the effects for years to come is something I feel we do need to be accountable for, the word haul has now seemed to become somewhat of a dirty frowned upon word which I understand and to a degree, agree with. There is still a long way to go but for it to be such a hot topic with many YouTubers and Influencers having discussions about it and the vast pick of podcasts / tv shows available to us now is great and hauls seem to have become something that no longer fills my Bloglovin’ feed or Youtube subscription box. What I now gravitate towards is content with words like ‘Capsule wardrobe’ or Lizzys (shotfromthestreets) ‘Testing basics’ and other articles that talk about finding staple pieces that you can rewear in different ways. These types of pieces have made me realise what it is I really want to get out of my wardrobe, what I like and where I actually spend my money and shop. This to me isn’t always spending the £££ on high end pieces but it has made me look at what it is I’m actually looking at, how many different ways I can wear and style it and will I truly get thet cost per wear outcome from said item. This for me has also created a habit of having more pieces on heavy rotation and it is something I couldn’t be more happier doing, to me that shows I have found pieces that are interchangeable and have longevity.

I do now shop a lot less, don’t get me wrong I am still searching ASOS, & Other Stories and even Depop (you can find some right gems on Depop and secondhand means you are doing your bit for sustainable fashion) but I usually am just now keeping an eye on pieces I have spied and saved. Meaning I will think about them for a while, no more impulse buying. I will always be an advocate for shopping but with sustainability being at the forefront of many people’s minds, I’m doing my part by being more responsible in my fashion carbon footprint. I will always get that excitement when I have a new item hanging in my wardrobe waiting to be styled and the thoughts I have over the styling steps, it’s just a new thought process that makes me shop a lot more consciously and has reduced the feeling of buyers remorse and guilt.

I would love to know your thoughts about shopping, maybe your relationship with it? What you are doing to reduce your carbon fashion footprint, if at all? Even your thoughts behind fast fashion, celebrity collabs with brands? Basically any thoughts you may have. I don’t want you to come away from this post feeling guilty if you constantly have shopping tabs open (I do) or you are picking pieces up here and there. This is a fashion / lifestyle blog at the end of the day and I am a consumer and I do think about fashion pretty much most the time. I’d just love to know your thoughts also.



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