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my camera roll: 6th-12th april

Helloooo. I would like to start this post with a complete disclaimer and say that the idea behind these types of posts are not original. I have seen that Chloe Plumstead is doing a very similar post and I loved the idea and wanted to put my own spin on it. I’m not going to be strict with this type of post, I’m just going to upload it as and when I feel. I love the idea of taking away the curated type of post and showing you what non-instagram photos I snap on my day to day ventures. So I suppose this will be a little more personal and raw, a bit like my, very neglected, personal Instagram. My musings and what I find inspires me with mirror selfies in outfits I love and food I’m indulging in. Enjoy.

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Saturday was the day I travelled up to Manchester for my two week search for a job and place to live, as well as to catch with a very much loved friend Jess. I got up and managed to jump on an earlier train to London Victoria from Brighton and the whole journey onwards went really well. There is just something about a train journey I love, I love seeing the surrounding areas and what is outside the window (I always try to book a window seat). There was so many friendly people who helped me as I struggled with my overpacked, heavy suitcase and bags and for that I am very grateful. Once I arrived in Manchester I made my way to Jess’ flat, she then had to head off to work after we had a little catch up so I took myself to the nearby Aldi, grabbed stuff for breakfast and some snacks. Wine always makes the list. I spent my evening watching the Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester City football match. Just a real chilled, settled day.


I had arranged to meet a couple of blogger girls on Sunday to shoot some content and grab a drink but we had to reschedule, which actually turned out to be a good idea as I headed to town and just mosey-ed around and got my bearings a bit. I had a full try on session in & Other Stories as I have to take full advantage when I’m in close proximity to one. I also fell into Selfridges and oogled the Loewe puzzle bags and Acne bags. I then strolled home and just looked around at all the street art and advertising posters.


I started my Monday with a lovely brunch at The Counter House, I had probably the most bougiest banana bread I’ve ever experienced. I had 2 job interviews scheduled for that day, Jess and I were discussing the companies as the positions both sounded a little ‘under advertised’. We came to the decision I would cancel one but still go to the other and hear them out, so after brunch I headed off to try and hand some CVs out in town (but found nowhere takes CVs anymore!) and then onto my interview. Well, I got there and all I can say is WOW. I had time to spare but already from the outside I was dubious about it. I messaged my mum and she told me to suck it up and just see, maybe it would be better inside? Boy, oh boy was she wrong. I walked into the smallest reception ever, chart music was blaring from a wall TV, it was crowded with furniture falling about and sofa cushions upside down exposing the velcro. Myself and other candidates sat waiting for over 30 minutes after we were told to get their for out interview, before 2 girls were finally called in for what seemed like 15-20 minutes. Once they were done you could just hear a few men laughing loudly and being generally boisterous behind the closed door. 1 of the other girls got up and walked out so I quickly followed suit, I decided I knew my self-worth and this company was going to detriment that. I got back to Jess’ apartment, poured us both a glass of wine to drink that whole experience away. I finished Monday heading out for dinner at Bundobust, an amazing almost hidden away veggie curry place in the style of a food market, and then going back to watch Disneys Coco which is one of the sweetest films I have seen in a long time.


On Tuesday Jess and I started our day by heading from brunch at Ezra & Gil and then headed to the Arndale centre again as Jess wanted to look for something to wear for her birthday this weekend. I was meeting Nina later on to shoot some outfits and then we went and grabbed a 241 cocktail at Turtle bay and I introduced her to the beauty that is O2 Priorities £5 Pizza Express main deal. Shooting was super successful despite the mare that is the wind and how ‘not prepared’ Nina and I seemed to be.


Well Wednesday, how did that start? I woke up feeling super anxious and stressing about my decision to move to Manchester and if it’s something I can truly achieve. I messaged my mum, sister and closest friends asking them if they thought I was mad, all of which replied no but it still didn’t really help. I spent the day applying for more jobs and looking for places to rent before Jess messaged me and asked if I wanted to meet her at work when she finished for a drink as the weather was so lovely. We had some amazing Spritz’ before heading back to get ready and head out for more drinks and pizza at Rudy’s (best pizza in Manchester FYI) and the retiring for an evening of face masks and Avengers: Infinity War.


Another ‘WFHD’ but I’ve been feeling super inspired by writing, so I spent the day writing some blog posts and even stumbled upon the DREAM flat to rent in Manchester, the girl is also a local Brightonian looking to move to Manchester so I messaged her straightaway. Hopefully it will be the start of something positive. I took a small trip to Wing Yip and stocked up on noodles, the perfect last minute lunch / dinner, before meeting Julia for a very interesting bloggers event at Boux Avenue and then grabbing an amazing dinner at Home Sweet Home.


Friday was preparation day, I was Jess’ sous chef as she is hosting pre-drinks on Saturday for her birthday weekend. She made some amazing canpaés, if you don’t already follow her insta the food she makes is insane. I took a trip out to Aldi to grab the morning after essentials, for me I love anything fruity and annoyingly healthy after a night out so ice lollies, granola, yoghurt and fruit made the cut. Yup. Hate me if you will but the thought of a big old salty fry up would send me into a hungover dark hole. Tonight’s dinner plans consist of copious amounts of pasta at Sugo with wineeeee. Have a good weekend you bunch of sauce pots.


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