Brighton, UK

i’m hannah and this is hannah ivvy 2.0

I’m Hannah, H or Han. I live in Brighton and I am the ripe old age of 24 (inching ever closer to that quarter life crisis). I’m around 5″3-ish and petite, I go between a size 4 to 8 but with all the flabby bits as I slack when it comes to the exercising front. I do however walk a fair bit every day and I’ll do those little workout app routines everyday for a while and then life pops up and I get busy or demotivated.

I’m your working class gal, grew up with amazing parents, an identical twin and older brother. Along came another sister and 18 months later a brother, so I’m 1 of 5 children. I had my first mini job at 13 helping a baby ballet class which funded my Friday night drinks (anyone remember the 2L Strongbow bottles) on our school field or the local park. I wasn’t overly loud or popular at school, but I got by and enjoyed myself with a nice group of mates and a high school boyfriend, who I was with from around 15 – 19 years old.

I went to college and had a bit of a meh few years, I took photography which I loved but I felt the course didn’t let me be creative in the way I wanted and I feel that factored into me deciding not to go further in education as I was left with the sense that my ideas were never good enough and I wasn’t creative enough. However, from there I fell into the blogging world and would spend endless hours gazing at blogs and imagery, lusting over the thought of being part of the community and putting my own two-cents out there. On and off for years I would write a blog post while working full time. I worked in Next (Boxing day sale really is as hellish as it seems), I worked at Space NK, a call centre and then off to Australia for a year of jollys.

I now live back at home with my parents and I am as single as a pringle, working as a Teaching Assistant at a local school – which helps me get by – I’m currently looking for my next career and to move city. As well as wanting to go full force with creating my own content, alors voli√† with Hannah Ivvy 2.0 and you lovely lot.


So that’s me condensed into 4 chunky paragraphs. But above that, I want to explore these questions; Who do I want to be? Why am I writing and exploring my own ideas / opinions on such a huge platform?

I think more often than not we see different sides to blogging – the high-end, aspire to be side and the budget-friendly more attainable side. With my blog I want to pave the way and bring those together. Why can’t I lust over that Loewe Puzzle bag I have literally pinned everywhere while working a Monday – Friday minimum wage job and bring them together? I believe it is possible and don’t get me wrong it’ll be hard work, I’ve got to find a better paying job first, but its do-able.

I also want to talk about things that matter – things that hopefully not just women but also men can relate to, like relationships, a bit of current affairs as well as throwing in some chat about my love for designer handbags and that new skin care routine I’ve got going on. I want my readers to see me as a day-to-day attainable source of inspiration. I’ve had some huge ups and downs in my life, gone days without talking because I just didn’t know how to get the words out and succumbed to the beauty that is Lea and Perrins with butter on toast when I didn’t know what else to eat. So that’s it, that’s who I want to be on the internet – a pint sized bottled blonde throwing a bit of gob out there, while having a bit of class.



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