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When I first started blogging I was very interested in the beauty side and I was buying every make up product that Anna (The Anna Edit) and Lily (Lily Pebbles) recommended. My drawers were full and I ended up working in my local Space NK, which unfortunately played a part in my love for make up decreasing

As I get older however, I’ve decided I want to start taking my skincare more seriously but also not just the skin on my face, but my body too. It may seem pretty irrelevant to want to take better care of your whole body during the winter months as you don’t usually show that much skin, but hear me out. If you’re looking after your skin from now, surely in months, if not years your skin and your whole appearance will be a lot better.



So I have normal / combination skin. My face has it’s moments but has never been effected by spots / acne, if I get a spot it’s usually from my own prodding and squeezing that’s made it worse or I get a stubborn little bugger that’ll hang around for weeks ju

st beaming out at everyone. I can approach many types of skincare for my face but the one thing it really dislikes, is deep cleaning charcoal masks, they really do drag out the dirt in my face so I have to be careful when I decide to use one. The skin on my body gets dry really quickly and you can see the fine lines on my shins when the harsh winter weather has become too much, I bruise pretty easily but I’m fortunate to have fair / not a lot of bodily hair and so can go longer than is probably acceptable in the removal department. I tan very easily and go a lovely olive-y shade but since my time in Australia I have ramped up the SPF and I’m more towards the faking it group.

Since I’ve been thinking about my skincare of late, I have decided to try a few new products and they have really been working wonders for me. Dare I say I may have found my HG products?


I’ve been playing with my base make up and these photos show how I’ve been wearing my everyday make up lately – I have to say I’ve really been digging it. I’ve been mixing The Ordinary Serum Foundation with a small drop of The Ordinary Coverage Foundation to add a slight warmth to my skin. Bobbi Brown Corrector and Glossier Concealer under my eyes, (concealer) on my nose and chin. Nars Laguna Bronzer on my cheeks. Topshop glow pot on the high points and cupids bow, Glossier boy browIT cosmetics mascara and MAC lipstick – done.

Even though the sun isn’t as harsh in the colder months, I want to keep SPF high on my list and apply it everyday no matter what. Avene Hydrance moisturiser is one I reach for every day and makes the perfect base for my day, it’s light but the perfect level of moisture. I’ve also noticed I have very dark sallow under eyes and even asked my mum about these and she lovingly told me its genetic, so I’m currently dabbling with retinol eye creams – {Making SPF even more important} right now I’m testing EVE LOM and Dr Dennis Gross.

While I know a lot of people have heaps of steps in their skincare routine, I’ve opted for a bit more subtle approach (albeit more than others) and with fewer steps. When I jump in the shower I like to use a daily exfoliator to wash away all the crap that my face as been exposed too, it’s gross and been with me longer than it should but right now I reach for  and it leaves my face squeaky clean for the next steps. I wash my face with a La Roche Posay cleanser and Glossier Cleansing milky jelly and then reach for two of three things; La Roche Posay Effaclar has been a little saviour and has kept those little under skin bumps on my forehead at bay, and the Botanics facial oil. If my skin really needs a boost I’ll use Origins Drink up overnight mask.



As you can tell my skincare is a little basic and that follows through with my body care. The last thing I want to do when I get out of the shower is stand in the cold, all bare but needs must and I’ve been forcing myself in full body moisturising. My favourite is Bioderma Atoderm cream, it’s un-fragranced and just the nicest moisturiser I’ve used. It soaks in perfectly and almost instantly so I’m not weirdly jigging around to keep warm for long.

I don’t do much else for my skin, I use the Original source shower gel, – usually the mint and tea tree – a shower sponge with an exfoliating side and every now and then Nude powder wash on my face when in the shower. If I’m feeling winter-ly pale I may switch my moisturiser to the Dove DermaSpa summer revived lotion, it adds a subtle amount of colour to my skin.

Over the summer I did also start using fake tan and I really fell for the look it gave me, however I’ve eased off a little as the constant marked bed sheets, exfoliating etc just made me sigh but that’s not to say during winter I won’t venture back, I’m just looking for the right product and in honesty it does give me that bit more confidence.



                        A LITTLE END NOTE

I just wanted to end with a little mention of imperfections and that I have tried to be transparent with these images. Yes I have put my lightroom preset on them but I haven’t used FaceTune to smooth lines or hide imperfections. I think it’s important to show the marks we have and while these images aren’t hugely revealing, they are a lot more raw than what you may see on Instagram. It’s important to love every little bit about yourself and show off the things you may be hung up on.


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